Young Couple on the Train to Cardiff

I paparrazied this couple on the train while travelling to Wales in 2008.  I didn’t want to ask to take their picture, since their consciousness of my presence would mess up the picture I wanted to take.  The conscientious thing to do would have been to ask them afterward, but by the time I got up the nerve, they had gotten off the train.  For the record, if they ever see this picture, I’d love them to contact me.

Two granddaughters

I pastelled this as a last-minute Christmas present for my Dad.  The problem with presents is that, if they’re given unfinished, there’s no deadline for finishing them.   Now my incentive for finishing can be to post the end result on my blog.

Update: For Christmas this year, I finished it.  Here’s the finished version:

Granddaughters sleeping

I like the “unfinished” photo better, but the artwork itself is an improvement.  (The colours are more similar than the photos would have us believe).

I did lose a bit of the life in the face; the surface got overworked, and she looks older.  Sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop, whether to leave something unfinished because it already looks alive.  I find it almost always pays off to keep going; in this instance I’m glad I expanded the picture, but I regret the loss of that alive look.




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